Saturday, December 31, 2005


Completed. Sloppy. I started these a month ago and I wish I'd known about some of the finishing options and techniques before I hacked away but whatevah. Still can't keep the eyelets in place, dammit. Please disregard the dirty kitchen floor (dogs and humans have been tracking mud in all day) and the sock lines on my ankles:

Friday, December 30, 2005

T-shirt and a pillow

I finished my first clothing sewing project (not counting the underpants :)). I made a t-shirt. From scratch, bought the fabric, and a pattern, and made it. It was fairly simple (in theory), just 4 cut pieces, and I learned alot. The whole point, really, is that I need to learn how to work with patterns, different fabrics, the machine, etc. and take each experience with me for the next time. So I'm not in love with this shirt, but I'm still proud of what I did. It's kinda too big even though I cut the pattern on the small size line. I feel like I can always set it aside for a little while and then when I know more I can alter it to make it tighter and with shorter sleeves. To make it more interesting, I used fabric paint & a stencil to decorate:

Then while waiting for the fabric paint to dry, and with Dan at yet another poker tournament, I made a quickie pillow. Y'don't need a pattern for something this simple :) Though I could certainly use some practice with slip-stitching, you can't see it in this fluffy fleece fabric:

Monday, December 26, 2005


More soap t'nite. It took me a while to get my supplies out there and get ready but gottdamn, I'm loving these soaps too!

The yellow one is simply scented with lemon essential oil. It smells wonderful. But I mixed in some poppyseeds, and (after the photo was taken) sprinkled some more seeds on top. Oh, and it has gold mica to make it all sparkle :) The mica floats around in the air as soon as you open the jar, so me and my dog and my kitchen are delightfully, lightly, coated in tiny sparks of glitter.

The other is cinnamon flavored, with a swirl of cocoa powder. I f-d up while putting text on the photo because it's not coffee at all, just cocoa. At least one person I care about is actually allergic to cinnamon, so I kind of worried about making this, but OMG this is gorgeous! Rich shades of brown and tan, a lovely scent--I can't wait to uncover this one. The swirls on the top were simply from me scraping the dregs from the non-cocoa soap pan into the mold.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Dog bed

Voila! Charis' new dog bed:

The bottom is still open; I wanted to put a large zipper in so the cover could be removed. Unfortunately I don't know how to install a zipper and was so frustrated that I think I'll just add a couple of buttons instead.

She isn't using it, though. Dan picked her up and set her on it but she got right back off. So if the dog doesn't ever take to it, I'm going to add more stuffing and claim it for myself as a floor pillow :)

I'm totally loving sewing, although I have so much to learn. When I started this project tonight I could not make a stitch; the thread kept breaking over and over. Then I looked at the machine manual and realized I'd threaded it totally wrong, that was my problem.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas soaps and bruise balm

Glad I spent the evening in trying out some of the packaging of my soaps and bruise balm; it took forever just to lay out and print the labels, let alone hand-tear paper and wrap. And this is just a tiny bit of what I need to get done, there are 4 more kinds of soap and papers.

But... please look at my pretty, pretty first effort:

Dan thinks the rollergirls might be into the bruise balm:) I've been testing it on myself and it really is great, though next time I might add more of the fragrant oils to cover up the kind of herb-y, grassy smell of the calendula.


Out of a t-shirt :) And it didn't take long. I traced around a pair of boy-shorts that I like to make the pattern, then cut an old t-shirt and sewed it up. They're a little small--I left room for hems and seams but t-shirt doesn't stretch as well as fabric with lycra. I have gained a couple of pounds since I quit smoking so maybe when I lose that (soon) they'll fit better.

Anyway, this was an experiment to learn from so I can do better next time with a cooler shirt. There are some edge details I'll probably stitch by hand to finish the rough parts. Also, my thread kept breaking so there are some weird loose threads, though I think I figured out the problem:

Friday, December 02, 2005

Almond soap

I'm in love, I think this is my best one yet! Too bad it won't really be ready to use until after Christmas:

Right before Christmas it'll be close, I could probably wrap and give it to people it they wait another week to use it :)

Tried using precisely cut sheets of mylar to line the mold and it was a fabulous success. The soap is smooth and glossy on all sides, no wrinkles or rough patches.