Monday, January 30, 2006

new soap

Sinnamon Swirl and Muffin are now ready to use. Sinnamon would, of course, be very bad for someone with a cinnamon allergy but for the rest of us it turned out very well, in my opinion. The in-the-pot swirl with cocoa powder just turned out beautifully. It's got both cinnamon leaf essential oil and powdered cinnamon for speckles and texture. It fits my goal of trying to only use completely natural ingredients more often, rather than synthetic fragrance oils.

And then the Muffin--somewhat simple, just lemon essential oil, poppyseeds, and a touch of gold mica--but I love it for the simplicity and the wavy, frosted top:

More on the curing racks that'll be ready in a week or so include Nag Champa, layered cranberry, a second batch of Dolce Amaretto (my fave) and a sort of odd strawberry-banana blend. Dan keeps saying he doesn't like banana fragrance and it did seem to have that overly-sweet candy banana smell at first but is mellowing well with curing.

And then I need to make more! I have a more earthy, masculine blend in mind, to get away from too many sweet scents. It's sort of hard to do all my crafts, though, because I have to do a ton of cleaning and counter/table clearing to be able to *do* something. And sometimes I'm tired and don't feel like it. I traced a pattern to make some yoga shorts but I did part of the tracing last week at work and part of it last night and I think I messed up on the size for one of the pieces. They seem to be far from matching up at the seams. So that means I have to clear the kitchen counter of everything and take out the pattern and the tracings and check them and put everything away again and tonight, I just don't feel like it. Perhaps tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Halter top

At last, I have completed a project I started a month ago! This halter top was going to be my second piece of clothing I've sewed (not counting the panties :)). It should have been simple, just three pieces, a button closure, a little elastic. Instead it was a hard-learned lesson in the importance of choosing the proper thread and needle for the fabric. I made several errors there and had tons of really bad bobbin thread jams and broken threads. I took a hiatus for a while, worked on some other projects, and then came back to the halter with the proper tools. It's got many flaws in the stitching and construction but goddammit I don't care. It's wearable. The fabric was somewhat forgiving in hiding my messy stitch areas. It looks a little bunchy at the waist in these photos but it's really not, that's just a result of me holding my camera out to take the photos.



Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've made about $42 on soap, wow, I'm rich :) It's cool though, then I can sink that back into buying more olive oil or something. My Aunt Jeannie bought 8 bars and because she's paying by check, I actually cleared more profit (paypal business accounts take a bit of a bite in their fees). Tuesday night I made 2 batches; one is another of the Dolce Amaretto because it's the best seller and my personal favorite that I gave to just about everyone who got any soap from me. The other is a new experiment--Nag Champa and Vanilla. It's sweet and (like you would expect) incense-y. I scooped out a cupful of soap, mixed it with red kaolin clay, and swirled it at the end. It turned out well from what you can see on top of the mold, so I hope it looks pretty inside. I had been planning to add dried orange peel for texture but changed my mind at the last minute, wanting to keep this one smooth: