Thursday, March 09, 2006

Older photos

I did some other sewing that I never really posted about. These were done in February.

Burda World of Fashion issue 1/2006 velour yoga pants:

Tablet T-shirt yoga shorts (Jalie 2445):

Burda 8607 capri pants in denim from (I think)

Monday, March 06, 2006

London Beanie take 2

This one's mine! I'm not sure if it's my style, I feel kinda weird in such a snug hat on my giant noggin. But hey, it's good practice. I could always give it to Dan later and then he'll have two. I found myself making the exact same holes once I started the increase in this one, and realized why, so I caught the error earlier and now I know not to knit into the front and the back of a purl stitch. Also if I ever make this again I shall be sure to use a cable cast on, not that I know how to do it, but in the book it looks alot nicer:

Up next: well I'm working on a belt with a cable, to learn how to do cables. And a yoga top. Not that I plan to do yoga in a sweater so much, I think it'll be more of a "going out" top than workout clothes.