Friday, May 19, 2006

Warshrags, favorite clothes, and pirates

I made my first Mason-Dixon warshrag--and of course, I'm hooked, I think this will be the ultimate travel project because it's not too complicated, yet has some changes tokeep things interesting. I'm working on warshrag #2 in the reverse of these two colors:

I copied one of my all-time favorite tops, one that I've had for years, worn to death (multiple repairs on the shoulder seams, and now bleachy-fadey spots) by laying tracing paper on the blouse and tracing it. I'm wearing the finished copy today and am so damn proud of myself, because it fits and feels the same, only new!
(old on the left, new on the right)

And then, because I need new summer clothes, I took a big ol' men's tank top that Dan had, and hacked it into a cute little halter top. The whole thing took probably half an hour to do. It's quite tight but I think that's how it has to be since I can't wear a bra with this thing :)


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